Faith Leaders Against Violence

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NYC Session 1 March 24, 2019

Gain a basic understanding of the dynamics of intimate partner abuse 
Learn and explore the role of power and control in the overall experience of domestic violence 
Learn the various types of abuse and how coercive control contributes to the overall effect of intimate partner violence. 

NYC Session 2

Coming May 19 (Mid-Spring 2019)   

Explore trauma and the impact of intimate partner violence on individuals, families and communities 

Learn the ways culture shape people's response to domestic violence and why abusers abuse.

Learn about and develop intervention and prevention strategies: practices and resources needed to help keep victims/ survivors safe and abusers accountable 

NYC Session 3

Coming June 23 (Summer 2019) 

Explore approaches to the challenging issues raised by intimate partner abuse. 

Develop strategies on how we can play a critical role in breaking the silence and preventing domestic violence.

Online Session