Faith Leaders Against Violence

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Thank you for all of the amazing feedback and participation. We are particularly inspired by those of you that traveled from far away cities to attend this important seminar. You are in our prayers, please stay in touch and stay safe!

3 NYC Training Dates for 2019

These trainings are not lectures, they are interactive engagements with faith leaders, community members and trained facilitators, designed to create and implement sustainable methods, towards the prevention and intervention of Intimate Partner/ Domestic Violence in the Hebrew Community. All NYC Sessions will take place at Beth-El, The House of Yahweh, Inc  3482 Park Avenue Bronx, NY 10456. Special thank you to Pastor Jonathan for graciously lending us use of this space.

Please note that Session 3 and the Online Session will take place in September 2019 instead of June.

Registration and Donation Information

The suggested total donation, for all three sessions, is $30. This includes 21 hours of training conducted by Hebrew leaders, trained in Domestic Violence prevention and intervention, as well as staff who are trained advocates and professionals working to end domestic violence, training materials, and a certificate of completion. Each day training contains distinct modules which explore different aspects of this issue. Every conversation, exercise and tool will be different.  Attendance to all sessions is strongly encouraged to gain the most from this experience. To make the suggested donation of $10 (for 1 session) $20 (for 2 session) or $30 (for 3 session)  please pay here remember to indicate that the funds are intended for FLAV/Hebrew Initiatives in the memo portion. To register click here or on the register buttons below. There is a separate registration form for the online sessionIf you cannot pay the registration donation let us know and we will work out an alternative for you. No one will be turned away due to funds.

Please note: Donations help toward administrative, venue and food costs but does not cover travel, stay, or other accommodations for guests visiting from out of town. For more frequently asked questions  please see our FAQ page

Sunday, March 24

Session 1 from 10 AM to 5 PM 

For a copy of the agenda for Session 1 click on the Agenda tab in the navigation bar 

Sunday, May 19 

Session 2 from 10 AM to 5 PM 

A copy of the agenda for Session 2 will become available on the Agenda tab as the date nears 

Sunday, September 22

Session 3 from 12 PM to 4 PM 

This final session will take place online. The agenda will become available on the Agenda tab as the date nears

Prayer Is Part of the Program

The Hebrew community, while united in many ways, still lacks homogeneity in some of our worship practices. To ensure that this crucial summit is a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone,  all of our modules are respectful of these differences. Because we are aware that much of the material is sensitive, can be triggering, and may elicit strong reactions we have included prayer as part of the program.

Prayer is available for believers in Yeshua as the Messiah with Mother Malakah and members of the Women of the Whirlwind (WoW) prayer ministry

Prayer for members of the Tanak Community is available with Emah Naami Bat Lewi and sisters of הנשם Ha Nasheem - the Women 

Rabbis or Brothers who are interested in being available for private prayer with guests, please send an email to [email protected]

Not Just For Women

FAITH LEADERS AGAINST VIOLENCE understands and appreciates the value of balance and have dedicated an entire session to the ways that men are affected, influenced and impacted by various factors socially, spiritually and beyond. We know that as a nation nothing can be done without the active participation of our men. This session is conducted with the assistance of Quentin  Walcott, Co-Executive Director of Connect Inc. Connect is a Harlem based non-profit with outstanding programs working with men and boys of colour. Learn more about Quentin and Connect here

Recognizing the Signs of Domestic Violence (DV101) Online Session will take place on Sunday, September 15, 2019

Intervention & Prevention Overview 12PM to 2PM EST

The suggested donation for the online session is $10. This session is ideal for Hebrews who are unable to attend the NYC sessions but would like to learn basic information regarding the prevention and intervention of Domestic Violence in the Hebrew Community. The discussion will include an overview of how to identify abusive behaviour and provide guidance on how to gain support and resources for survivors. The online conference will be facilitated by Onleilove, Mayanah and Danielle and is an interactive space for sharing, inquiring and edification. The meeting will not provide counselling for attendees but guests are invited to take advantage of the general information given and message the facilitators to ask for possible help finding services in their area. If you are currently experiencing any type of abuse please visit to be connected to places that can offer assistance.

Those attending the online session who feel strongly about supporting the work needed to create change, healing and safety in our communities and would like to join our efforts are deeply appreciated! Please send your support here. Please remember to indicate that the funds are intended for FLAV/Hebrew Initiatives in the memo portion.

Donate or become a Sponsor

We are doing everything we can to make this opportunity available to as many people as possible without causing a financial hardship for those who really need access to these resources and we could really use your help! To learn more about how you can become a donor or sponsor and have your name, business, faith group or community organization  featured on our site please send an email to  [email protected]  You can send your donations here. Please remember to indicate that the funds are intended for FLAV/Hebrew Initiatives in the memo portion. 

This specific summit will continue into summer of 2019 so there is plenty of time to left to support us and plenty of work left to do. Thank you so much for interest, for being co-active in shining a light into dark places, and joining us in declaring that violence is not acceptable!