Faith Leaders Against Violence

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Safety in the City

3 ZOOM Dates for 2021

Each session is only 1 day (7 hours) from 10 AM to 5 PM EST
These sessions are not consecutive. They occur separately over the course of 4 months.
Sunday, January

Sunday, January

Sunday January

Sunday, January 


Sunday, January 


Sunday, January 


FAQ (2021)

Do I need to reserve a seat? (RSVP)

You can RSVP at the end of our SAFETY IN THE CITY Survey.
By providing your email, and accepting our invitation to this event in your RSVP, you will receive your free resources and details for joining this event.

Safety in the City Survey 

Will there be a registration cost?

No. There is no cost to join this event, thanks to the support and generosity of the Interfaith Civic Leadership Academy. All training materials, honorariums and online resource costs, for Safety in the City, have been covered by a grant from the ICLA. 

As always donations and goodwill offerings to fund future efforts are welcome and appreciated.

What can we expect in the “Tool Kit”?

A few of the items included in the Toolkit are: 

Academic articles and research on different aspects of IP/D Violence

The suggestions and solutions we came to together during the sessions

Many of the visual aids and materials provided or discussed by the facilitators
How to find resources and additional support in your area 

And more!


If I Cannot Make the Zoom meetings, can I still take the Survey and receive resources?

Great question! Of course you can always visit the facilitators' websites or email us at [email protected] But more importantly we have created an online community just for you! When you click on the "Just For You!" tab you will see the option to sign in or register to this site. Once you have become a member you will be able to create a profile and share information with other members. This gives our out of town guests, online visitors and local community the opportunity and ability to keep conversations going, or start new ones before, between and even long after our IP/D sessions. We also have a Facebook group for those of you that prefer that platform.

Is there any information about the sponsors (Bio’s)

Yes please see the Organizers page 

FAQ 2019

Will the certificate have any academic value?  (2019 EVENT ONLY)

The Certificate of Completion does not carry any known credit toward an academic degree. The Certificate is offered to guests to show that they have completed up to 21 hours of IP/D community training. Connect Inc. is a Harlem based non-profit organization with professionals in the area of social & community work servicing the NYC area. This organizations will be offering their expertise and sharing their resources throughout the training.  

Will there be adequate security?  (2019 EVENT ONLY)

Yes. Beth El has generously agreed to offer security, as well as their space. 

How can I help or become a sponsor?  (2019 EVENT ONLY)

To donate funds toward the FLAV workshops please send your gift to and indicate that this contribution is for FLAV/Hebrew Initiatives. If you attend the workshops in person, any donation above the suggested $10 will be a tremendous help. Another way to support, is for vendors who offer food, beverages, printing services, print materials, writing materials, presentation materials etc. to donate to the events. This helps to ease costs and allows the organizers to provide the best possible service without sacrificing quality due to financial restraints.

Will there be any music sessions?

Each session will be called to order by the blowing of the Shofar. But due to the limited time we have to cover the subject matter, there wont be any portion of the programs dedicated to music this time.

Are vendors invited to sell products?  (2019 EVENT ONLY)  

Due to the limited time we are afforded to cover the materials in the curriculum, we have not invited vendors to this summit. However, please send any suggestions to us to work with you on future events.